On a journey to address the realm of . We shouldered 2 main domains which are considered highly unique and Superlative to meet international demand.
We had been thinking about addressing client pain points in a more effective way particularly in highly demanding areas,

We developed NiyamaERS because we wanted to change client perspective on Vendors. We need to be their most demanding support for them to have smooth onboarding. We hated the way that recruiters held companies to ransom over high fees (8% to 12% of salary) for simply spamming candidates.

We avoid Post Masters job and not wanting to be a job – board. Every moment we serve as their extended arm and value their time, effort and opportunity shared. We want to help candidates find their perfect work environment; we want to help companies find people that fit in culturally.

Human Resources isn’t a thing we do. It’s the thing that runs our business.

Steve Wynn, Wynn Las Vegas


  • NiyamaERS– intends to reduce client hiring challenges .
  • NiyamaERS is a new recruitment model evolved as PROFILE SOURCING as a service
  • NiyamaERS works as an extended arm for the internal recruitment team.
  • NiyamaERS helps in sourcing high quality and appropriate to the hiring manager needs.
  • NiyamaERS validates, filters and does the first level screening and proposes processed candidatures to the
  • NiyamaERS substantially reduces the hiring cost by offering subscription model instead of vendor model
Working Model
Working Model